Edgehill Chinchillas

About Me:

I am a small hobby breeder (with approximately 40 breeding adults) who has been breeding quality chinchillas since 1990 and exhibiting since 2008. I am a qualified UK National Chinchilla Society (NCS) judge. I live in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire. I breed the beautiful standard greys and some mutations such as Black Pearls, Black Velvets, Pink Whites and Wilson Whites. I regularly have animals for sale so please contact me to enquire. Visitors are welcome to visit by appointment, with no obligation to buy.

All my breeding animals are high quality, healthy animals from show lines that are not over bred nor bred to closely related animals. Buying a quality chinchilla is no more expensive than buying a poor quality one.

Chinchillas can live well into their teens so please ensure they are the correct pets for you! Please read the UK’s National Chinchilla Society Guides which you can download by clicking on the links on this website.

Guiding you through your chinchilla journey!

Whether you want a chinchilla as a pet, want to breed and/or want to exhibit, I am always happy to help and advise. Please be aware there is a lot of misinformation about chinchillas on the web, especially with regards to suitable environments. Just because a cage, toy or treat is marketed as suitable for them, it does not mean it is safe! I am always happy to advise and would prefer a prospective owner to visit, have a chat and go away and think about having one, rather than making a rash decision.

Meet some of my herd !

Things to consider

  • Please ensure that a chinchilla is the correct pet for you or your child and carefully read the NCS guides. They are not suitable for young children only older teenagers and above (under all that fur they are very fragile and rough handling can easily cause them injury).
  • Chinchillas live a long time normally 8 to 12 years but it can be much longer, will you be able to provide a good home for that long?
  • Do your research but do not assume that all you read on the web is correct.
Judging a NCS Show